A Damp Swaddle in the Swath of Night


We have a special guest this week! Ulli Köppe went to see German Chancellor Angela Merkel speak on a panel a few weeks ago, and on the spur of the moment asked her during the Q&A when he'd be able to marry his boyfriend. To everyone's surprise -- especially Ulli's -- she answered that a vote on marriage equality would happen right away. And then it did. And then marriage was legalized. Just like that, Ulli found himself having changed the lives of millions of queer Germans for the better. We chat about that experience, the moment he realized just what he'd done, and what his plans for marriage are now.

And then we get into the silly business as usual: James and I joke around about my time in Europe, about Thor, and about Eartha Kitt. The marriage news of the week is a bit dire: a terribly anti-gay judge just got confirmed for life, a guy who objected to the children of same-sex parents being able to get passports. Ugh. Also, my nipples are briefly mentioned on this week's episode, so you're welcome, world. 

In Your Arms Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com) 
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