The Final Girl (Ep. 32 - Nightmare on Elm Street)

My guest this week is Keith Garcia:  film maker, film programmer, film writer, and film-everything-er. We'll be talking about film.

Keith grew up workshipping the final girls of classic slashers: the ones who escape punishment and make it out alive. He found strength in those girls' even-keeled strength, their persistence against terrifying odds, their discipline and virtue.

And as those girls are able to evade a killer's grasp, Keith was fairly evasive himself: quiet and shy, a bit of a wallflower. He was able to blend in to escape what he feared would be negative attention.

It wasn't until a few years ago that he discovered a different kind of girl: glamorous, exciting, explosive drag queens who seized the spotlight and demanded attention. Now he's launched an ambitious new project that explores a whole new side of feminine heroism -- and of his own identity.

Here's Keith's documentary project, The Heels Have Eyes:


And my exploration of the homoeroticism of Nightmare 2:

And for a change of tone, Skatetown USA:

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