Channel Madonna While Playing Jesus (Ep. 34 - Madonna & Emma Thompson)

Is it better to judge or be judged? My guest this week is Bil Antoniou, co-host of the podcast Bad Gay Movies/Bitchy Gay Men, in which three gays choose a terrible film and mock it mercilessly. Of course, it's easy to poke fun at someone else's creative work -- it's a lot harder to put something of your own in front of the world and invite everyone's judgment. And for years, Bil shrank from the spotlight, keeping his own art bottled up, even though a creative spark burned secretly inside.

He worked a boring job, engaged in some unhealthy habits, and kept his artistic passions stifled. Until one day he decided something had to change.

Now he's a successful actor and playwright, with his show "Heart of the Storm" opening this week in Toronto -- but getting there took years of work and the help of some friends.

Here's a whole freaking playlist of Madonna videos, you're welcome:

Ooh and the trailer for Jeffrey! I haven't seen this in years so it's probably time to revisit:

And of course Emma Thompson being delightful:

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