My Mom Had to Look up "Homosexual" at the Library (Ep. 41 - Carol Burnett)

If you could pick any era to live in, which would it be? For my guest Jack Plotnick, the answer's easy: the 1970s, when he was a happy gay kid growing up in Ohio and startling the neighbors by belting out showtunes. He thought he was destined for Broadway, but his life took an unexpected turn thanks to a little luck and a lot of talent. You might know Jack from his many TV appearances, ranging from Murphy Brown to Glee to Reno 911. He played the gay elf Xandir on Drawn Together, the deputy mayor on Buffy, and he was openly gay on Ellen before Ellen. He's created countless characters, but stepping behind the camera has allowed him to create entire worlds, and take audiences back to the era that meant to much to him. And it's prepared him for his next challenge: creating his very own Broadway show.

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