Camp is like Pornography (Ep. 1: Eurovision)

J ā nis


Jānis grew up in Latvia with few gay influences. That's probably why he was so drawn to Eurovision, the strange campy continental song contest. Also pivotal: Queer as Folk, which showed him how gay men talk about condoms, and the German version of American Idol, which showed him that there are other flamboyant boys out there. Now that he's living in the U.S., he's making up for lost time by racing to consume as much gay culture as he can.

After the jump: a few of the clips we discussed on the show, including some Eurovision, some gay-adjacent Hitchcock, and some hard-core camp. 

Here are my favorite Eurovision clips. Please do tweet more at me -- I can't get enough. I'm @mattbaume.


And here's a trailer for Rebecca. Gosh what a lovely film. Can you spot the lesbian undertones?

And while we're on the subject, here's some good old fashioned American camp: Mommie Dearest and Baby Jane.


Parisian Kevin MacLeod ( 
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