Making Your Outsides Match Your Insides (Ep. 9 - Cabaret Culture)

Photo: Rachel Robinson, Nark Magazine

What happens when you grow up so fast you become an adult while you're still a kid? My guest this week is Zak, who was wise beyond his years by the time he was 14, thanks in part to a young love triangle and also being raised by a house full of strippers.

Zak had barely entered high school when he felt ready to set out on his own, and start his own life. But he found that while you can grow up fast, you can't rush adulthood. That's how he wound up spending several teenage years drifting across the state, a runaway, in every sense of the word.

We talked about some exceptional music in this week's episode, starting with the Dresden Dolls: 

And also Beats Antique:

And Gogol Bordello's delighteful "Start Wearing Purple":

We also covered the music he grew up hearing, including White Zombie:

And Pantera:

And oh gee whiz you guys, remember No Doubt?

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