The Key Change is Everything (Ep. 13 - Little Shop of Horrors)

We've all felt it -- that call to adventure, to become something great, to escape monotony, go out into the world, and find out who we really are. For some, that call originates in our work, for others with family. And for my guest this week, it came while riding a wheat truck on a tiny farm in eastern Washington.

From an early age, Brad Cerenzia knew he wasn't destined to be farm boy the rest of his life. His inspiration came from theater, musicals, drama. Creating a colorful world on the stage, while the world around him remained featureless and bleak. It was clear that he needed a ticket off of the farm, but for a long time it was unclear what form that ticket would take. It was hard to picture how his adventure would start, since life on the farm was so stable and monotone.

What he needed was a key change, and when it finally happened, he didn't realize that it was to be the first of many.

Here are some highlights from Little Shop of Horrors, the show that helped Brad dream of escaping the farm. Note how the singers are able to walk through the rain without getting wet. Magic!

And of course, our favorite number from The Drowsy Chaperone:

Here are a few highlights from Disenchanted!, the show Brad helped finance: 

And of course, the TV version of Tales of the City. But do read the book.

And here's Brad in his various theatrical endeavors:

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