It's OK to Like Everything (Ep. 14 - My So Called Life)

There's a certain pleasure in changing your skin, being a chameleon and reinventing who you are. My guest this week is J.P., whose only constant is that he's constantly changing. I met Jay years ago, when he was something of an internet celebrity for, among other things, running elections for a Russian blogging company and posting frequent pictures of his cats. These days he's doing his best to keep a low profile, though you might be able to spot him at the Applebee's in Queen Anne. Then again, you might not -- J's changed his persona so many times his own friends might have trouble recognizing him.

We talked about so many different things in this episode! Let's start with poor Ricky on My So-Called Life:

And then there's Ab Fab, from around the same time:

And Queer as Folk. Sure is a lot of '90s going on here.

Musically, J.P. listened to Skinny Puppy:

And Infected Mushroom:

And, improbably, Kenny Chesney:

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