Drag Clothing for GI Joes (Ep. 19 - The Birdcage)

Photo by Nicole Radja

Photo by Nicole Radja

How much freedom to you give your inner sissy? Or do you try to rein it in, like a disobedient pinkie bestride a tiny teacup?

My guest this week is Chicago playwright Philip Dawkins, who was brought up in an intensely religious home. He was basically born flaming, and the church did its best to scare the queer out of him. For a time, he gave in, but that inner sissy had a way of making itself known in strange ways, such as doll larceny, illicit drag, and inappropriately erotic playwriting.

Try though as he might to blunder and butch his way through the world, in the end there was just no way to stop that inner sissy from breaking free. It just needed a little help from Agador Spartacus.

Here are some truly wonderful sissies:

And the fabulous Stephen Stucker being amazing on Donahue:

Parisian Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com) 
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