I Prefer the Term "Enchanted" (Ep. 23 - Magic, Puppetry, and Mr. Rogers)

Where do you find magic in the mundane? For me, it's knitting -- there's just something enchanting about the idea that you can wrap some string around two sticks, bang them together for a while, and then suddenly there's a scarf in your lap.

My guest this week is Joe, though Minnesotans may know him as his alter ego, Girtha Rotunda. From an early age, he was obsessed with the land of make-believe, with imaginary worlds, with magic tricks and the show Bewitched.

And so as an adult, he dedicated himself to conjuring up magic wherever he went: from stages to military bases to bars to his very own private ice cream truck.

Here's a clip of Fred discussing sweaters, which sadly I can't embed here. But I can embed a little Ed Wynn!

Parisian Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com) 
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