Trust it & Thrust it (Ep. 28 - Showgirls & Ellen)

How do you make the most of being strange? My guest Patrick Bristow found a perfect solution: stop trying to fit in and lean into your strangeness.

You've almost definitely seen Patrick countless times on TV and in movies: whenever a script calls for a strangely energetic gay or gay-ish man, there's simply no one else to call. He's been the wigmaster on Seinfeld, Larry David's dance teacher on Curb Your Enthusiasm, and the relentlessly bubbly Peter on Ellen. But you may know him best as the terrifying choreographer who swoops down on Elizabeth Berkeley in Showgirls, hollering THRUST IT into her heaving crotch.

I've watched that scene easily a dozen times. But now let's take a look at it from another angle: that of the actor crouching on the floor, bewildered by a director's command to make the lines make sense.

Here's Patrick's introduction on Ellen:

And Showgirls, of course:

And here's Puppet Up:

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