The Nicest Debt Collector Around (Ep. 84 - Great British Bake Off)

This Week's Guest: Edd Kimber

Why is food so important? I mean, other than the whole keeping-you-alive thing. My guest this week found his life forever changed by food when he won the first season of The Great British Bake-Off. Edd Kimber was a shy, unhappy banker when his cakes, cookies, and pies catapulted him to national fame. It was all a bit much for a young man who once dreaded attention -- but it also meant a once-in-a-lifetime chance for him to pursue his dreams of baking for a living.

This Week's Recommendation: Stirring the Pot

Thanks again to Edd for joining me. If you liked hearing from him, check out his new podcast, Stirring the Pot, where every episode he talks to a different chef, food writer, or celebrity about how food has touched their lives. It's kind of The Sewers of Paris, but with food.

Edd's conversations on Stirring the Pot are lovely and heartwarming and funny and familiar. Like the entertainment we talk about on this show, meals are something we craft and consume for each other.

And maybe I'm giving away too much by telling you this, but the truth is that this show, The Sewers of Paris, isn't really about entertainment. It's about people, and the ways that we connect. Often, it can be difficult for us mostly-hairless apes to relate to each other, but our shared experiences can provide a universal language where words fail. Whether those experiences are a book that two people loved, or a dessert that they shared, they provide nourishment and inspiration.

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