Doing Cosplay my Whole Life (Ep. 46 - X-Men & Cosplay)

What part of your body are you the most self-conscious about? For me, it's my forehead, which every time I look in a mirror seems to be bulging out over my face like it's trying to tear itself away from me. But something I've learned from my work as a photographer is that everyone has some aspect of their appearance that they consider a flaw and that nobody else can see. For some it's the ears, for some it's the way they smile, other people hate their posture or their freckles or their feet -- and in almost every case, nobody else notices what that person considers a defect.

My guest this week is Aedan Roberts, who spent years feeling self-conscious about his body, which is a bit of a surprise given that his favorite thing is attending geeky conventions wearing next to nothing. His sexy costumes put on quite a show, baring more flesh than they cover. But getting to a point where he was comfortable exposing his body required that he also expose his insecurities.


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