The 2017 Sewers of Paris Holiday Special Special

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Hello and welcome to the Sewers of Paris Holiday Special Special! In the spirit of the season, I've invited some guests, past and future, to share with us their favorite seasonal entertainment. We'll have an appreciation of Batman Returns from Anthony Oliveira, aka @meakoopa. There's a tribute to Snow Miser from Glen Weldon of NPR's Pop Culture Happy Hour. Performance artist Johnnie Jungleguts will explain why Eyes Wide Shut is his favorite Christmas movie. Carlos Maza from will bring us tidings of Ariana Grande and gay men's choruses. There's lots more guests and lots more special -- we've got everything to fills your hearts with festive cheer at this, the darkest time of year. 

And listeners, I'd like to hear from you -- what's YOUR favorite holiday entertainment? Tell me what books and movies and songs and shows are keeping you occupied right now. Head over to @SewersOfParis on Twitter and Facebook to join the conversation we're having about our favorite culture. Or write to -- I love hearing from you.
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Stuff We Talked About