I Was a Pet Project (Ep. 233 - Lady Gaga at the Superbowl/Bucky Flores)

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How much searching does it take to find your passion in life? My guest this week is Bucky Flores -- before he was performing with Lady Gaga in the Superbowl, Bucky drifted through his early 20s, trying to figure out what he wanted out of life beyond menial jobs and going out drinking. Stuck in a small town with only a few options, it was a chance audition for a color guard group that snapped him out of his malaise and showed him what happiness could look like -- but not without a lot of work first.

And a heads-up that I'm traveling to LA later this month to cover DragCon and also a big Dungeons & Dragons Live event. I'll also be hanging out at Musical Mondays at Rage in WeHo on May 20th. So if you're in LA, I hope to see you at one or two or all of those events!

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