Gay Men's Catnip (Ep. 247 - The Wizard of Oz/Josh Trujillo)

Hello, and welcome to the Sewers of Paris! This week is the 80th anniversary of the premiere of The Wizard of Oz, and to commemorate that, we're diving into the Sewers of Paris archives. The very first interview I recorded for the show was with Josh Trujillo, a writer then based in LA and now living in New York. The Wizard of Oz played a major role in his life -- as a kid, he was obsessed with film, and later discovered that Oz conventions (yes, there really is such a thing) served as a sort of meeting-place for older closeted gay men.

With the movie hitting 80s years old this week, it's a fine time to look back at the impact that it's had on culture -- particularly the culture of we people known in certain circles as friends of Dorothy.

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