Trust it & Thrust it (Ep. 250 - Showgirls & Ellen/Patrick Bristow)

We’re nearing the anniversary of the release of one of my favorite films ever made, Showgirls, which came out on September 22, 1995. So this week we’re heading into the Sewers of Paris vault for a listen back to my 2015 conversation with one of the actors in that movie, Patrick Bristow. He played the terrifying choreographer who hollers THRUST IT at Elizabeth Berkeley. He also played the wigmaster on Seinfeld, Larry David’s dance teacher on Curb Your Enthusiasm, and the bubbly Peter on Ellen. He shared some fascinating behind the scenes stories about the making of all those movies and shows, as well as his own revelations about learning to set aside the need to fit in.

And hey, if you’re going to be in Seattle on September 27, I hope you’ll join me for a screening of a new documentary about Showgirls entitled You Don’t Nomi. I appear in the doc as an expert on Showgirls — which I can hardly believe myself — and I’ll be present at the screening to introduce it and answer questions. It’s happening at Northwest Film Forum on September 27.

Also, a quick heads-up that I’ll be doing a very special livestream this Saturday, September 7. A team of drag artists is going to put me into drag, live on camera. Join me along with Arson Nicki, Fraya Love, and Londyn Bradshaw to catch a glimpse of a side of me that nobody, including me, has ever seen. Check the pinned tweet at for a link to the video, and to set a reminder for when we go live. 

And just a reminder that right now we’re running a Kickstarter campaign for Queens of Adventure, a comedy storytelling podcast where Drag Queens play Dungeons & Dragons. We’re raising money to record a dozen hours of new adventures with local drag artists and D&D shows in the midwest, and you can get some gorgeous gay rewards if you back the show. The campaign ends on September 14.