Hi there, I'm Matt. I produce smart, fun projects on the Internet. Whether it’s a podcast featuring drag queens playing Dungeons & Dragons, YouTube videos about queer milestones on TV, or revealing interviews about the entertainment that changed people’s lives, my goal is to make the world a better place by making people happy and making people think.

You can also find my reporting via outlets that include Rolling StoneVice Magazine, SlateThe AdvocateThe Stranger, and NPR.

Many of my projects are supported by backers on Patreon. Huge thanks to all my patrons who help make the internet even gayer!

Queens of Adventure

A podcast starring drag queens playing Dungeons & Dragons!


Dungeons & Drag Queens

A live comedy show beyond your wildest fantasies! Four intrepid queens get up on stage for a super-queer adventure, roleplaying an original D&D campaign.


Matt Baume’s Culture Cruise

A deep dive on LGBTQ themes in the entertainment we love! Check out the video series the New York Times called “thoughtful and thorough … informative and funny.”


The Sewers of Paris

A podcast of revealing personal stories about how entertainment has changed the lives of queer people. Each week, a guest plucks a piece of entertainment from their past -- book, movies, music, shows, and more -- and answers the question: how did it change your life?


Weekly Debrief with Matthew

A weekly YouTube series, rounding of the top LGBT stories of the last seven days, how they affect you, and actions that you can take. Subscribe on YouTube to stay up to date.


Defining Marriage

A book about people who fought for marriage over the last forty years is available in paperback, audiobook, and ebook. And there's also a companion podcast on which my partner and I have a fun weekly chat about the week's LGBT news and our own silly lives.


Playing with Pride

A video project featuring personal stories with queer gamers around the country, showing how lives change when queer culture and game culture collide.


Let's Read

A relaxing livestream of the literature you've always meant to read. Every Monday and Friday, I read a selection of great short stories live on camera, and then lead a fun lively book-circle chat with viewers. Join us every Monday and Friday night at 8pm PST.


Video Planet

I host a monthly film screening at Verne & Wells in Kirkland, with a bonus pre-show featuring strange amazing weird fascinating video clips related to the movie. Video planet is free and open to all!


About Matt Baume

Matt’s a writer, podcaster, and video-maker based in Seattle whose work focuses on queer culture, geeks, and all things strange and wonderful.

He’s the co-creator of the podcast & live show Queens of Adventure, featuring drag queens on an Dungeons & Dragons quest, as well as the interview show The Sewers of Paris, the YouTube pop culture series Culture Cruise, and the LGBTQ news shows Weekly Debrief and Marriage News Watch. His book, Defining Marriage, chronicles the personal stories of people who fought for marriage equality over the last forty years.

Matt’s work has been recognized by the New York Times as “thoughtful and thorough … informative and funny,” and was highlighted by Forbes.

As a guest, I've appeared on such shows as The Savage LovecastOut Chicago, Tomefoolery, No SafewordFeast of Fun; and I've delivered presentations at South by Southwest, Emerald City Comicon, PAX West, GaymerX, HavenCon, and the National Gay and Lesbian Journalists Association.