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The Sewers of Paris is a podcast about how entertainment changed the lives of queer people. Each week, a different guest reveals personal stories of the books, movies, music, and shows that made them who they are, opening up about their secret struggles, hidden passions, and surprising triumphs. 

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I'm told that you can open the Windows Phone Podcast app and search for "The Sewers..." because there are not a lot of other podcasts about sewers. There are more detailed instructions here.  And drop me a line via Twitter if you need a hand figuring out how to add the podcast!

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Here's a great explanation of how to find, listen to, and subscribe to podcasts.

What's with the Name?

The Sewers of Paris was a gay bar in 1970s Los Angeles, and the title of the podcast is, in part, a tribute to that old watering hole and crossroads of queer culture. And beyond that, the podcast itself is about going below the surface, diving down into the underbelly of gay life to appreciate both the murky lows and the glittering lights of the city above.

Here's how The Sewers of Paris (the bar) was depicted in ads in the 1970s, and what it looked like when I visited its location more recently. Imagine the stories we'd hear if those walls could talk! Hopefully this podcast can be the next best thing.