Bonus Episode: Science is Queer (Ep. 218 - ASAP Science's Mitch and Greg)

This bonus episode has two guests: Mitch and Greg are the creators of the super popular YouTube series ASAP Science. They met years ago through a Facebook hack, and grew close as they searched for a way to blend their love of science and art. Now they've built a quirky queer science empire together, as creative partner and life partners.

Hypersaturated (Ep. 216 - Knitting & Dance)

My guest this week was almost a world famous dancer, but instead he's a world famous knitter. Steven West's fiber art is known all far and wide for bright color, surprising stitches, and beguiling design -- you might think of it as hipster knitwear. Behind the celebrity knitter is a former Bible camp kid who loved to dance. Looking at him then, you might have had a feeling he'd become famous, and he did. Though it was for a reason no one could have predicted.

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