Flamboyant Before I was Ready (Ep. 37 - Moulin Rouge & Big Brother)

How do you tell the difference between good attention and bad attention? Or is ALL attention good, as long as they spell your name right? Some of us prefer a life of quiet dignity, but others are addicted to the spotlight and being noticed.

My guest this week is Brad Gilligan, who's spent time on both sides of that divide. As a member of the Air Force before the repeal of DADT, he had to go to great lengths to keep anyone from finding out too much about his past. Flying under the radar was his top priority, and the pressure was overwhelming. So when the ban on open service was lifted, it's no wonder he didn't just burst out of the closet. He exploded onto the stage in heels and a wig. He was military by day, drag queen by night. He even got his fellow officers to attend a show and cheer him on.

But like most addictions, getting hooked on attention had its risks. And as good as it felt to be the star of a show, Brad started realizing there's a difference between being noticed and being liked.

A few select clips from this episode:

This may be the first time Roger and Me has ever been programmed next to a Madonna performance.

Parisian Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
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