You've Got to Appeal to the Queens (Ep. 49 - Judy Garland & Shelley Duvall)

My guest this week has been putting out a podcast of his own for years, and yet listeners have never heard his voice. Or at least not his real voice. They've heard him as Judy Garland, or as Carol Channing, or as Bernadette Peters or as Gollum. But today I'm just talking to Bill, the creator of Judycast: the Entertainment Beat with Francis Gumm.

Bill's always had lots to say, but was too shy to say it out loud. So he kept quiet, kept to himself, buried his true self so he wouldn't cause a fuss. Until one day he opened his mouth to speak and someone else's words came out.

A few clips from this episode:

Parisian Kevin MacLeod (
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