In my Own Way I'm a Doomsday Prepper (Ep. 193 - I Love Lucy)

This Week’s Guest: Phuong Mai

Acts of selflessness are great, but what's in it for me? This week I'm chatting with my friend Phuong, who's made a whole lifestyle out of making things for others. Whether it's bread or soap or knitted hats, it seems like every minute of his day is dedicated to creating stuff for the people around him. But even though he gives all this stuff away, there's something important that he's getting back.

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This Week’s Recommendation: I Like You

Thanks again to Phuong for joining me. I can't think of any better gift than hospitality, demonstrating to someone that you care about making them feel good. Mindfully being a good host or maker or companion is a simple gesture with deep meaning that says, "I like you." And that's the title of my recommendation this week, a book by Amy Sedaris about entertaining company and making them feel loved.

Whether it's building a layer cake out of cold cuts, a wreath out of meatloaf, or a party game for kids that hopefully doesn't involve fire, Amy has all the guidance you need for welcoming guests into your home and into your heart. Of course, the advice is all acerbic and strange -- but it is also, at its heart, legitimately useful and kind. There's a section on keeping a conversation pleasant and surprisingly even when dining with the most dreary business people. There's a recipe for the perfect BBQ sauce (it's just mixing two leading brands together). And there's advice for being as successful a guest as you are a host.

"I Like You" is full of weird wonderful photos and great recipes and strange fashion choices, and it should be the first book you reach for when entertaining. Amy advice for hospitality is also great advice for life: Be kind, be yourself, and party on.

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