All of a Sudden I had a Gay Icon (Ep. 10: Star Trek)

When you think about the science fiction, what comes to mind? Maybe some silvery uniforms, blue guys with antennas, blinking lights. You know, the future. What's great about imaginary futures is that they're places of potential, an escape to a place where where everything's better, or sometimes worse. And whatever problems we have today have all been solved. Or maybe exacerbated.

My guest today is Charlie Logan, founder of the Pink Parties, a regular series of huge queer nerd gatherings that are timed to Seattle's biggest comic and videogame conventions. Charlie started throwing Pink Parties as a way to find other gays who shared his love of anything geeky, and his hope for a better future, and his need to escape.

Because after all, as we'll hear, for a time there was a lot that he needed to escape from

I'm delighted, by the way, to have finally had a reason to talk about Star Trek on the show. Here are those tribbles: 

Here's the song from Bye Bye Birdie that Charlie had to sing about being sincere... while pretending to be heterosexual.

Once Charlie came out, he was introduced to Erasure:

And Wham! Can you believe anyone ever thought that George Michael was straight?

And of course, Charlie's Pink Parties now feature guests like Jennifer Hale, who voiced Dragon Age: Inquisition's Krem, possibly the greatest trans character in video games:

As well as the delightful Ellen McLain character GLaDOS:

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