The Joke of Being Gay (Ep. 45 - Polyester & Arrested Development)

So many of us grew up in a sub to some city's urb. Close enough to know that there's life beyond the split-level ranches and strip malls, but not close enough to know what that life actually is.

My guest this week is Richard Day. Even as a kid, he could detect a mismatch between himself and the nice, normal, heterosexual world he'd grown up in. It's a gay cliche to find the suburbs boring, or oppressive, or hostile. But Richard discovered that they can also be funny. You just have to pull back the veneer -- sometimes way back, as he learned to do as a writer on shows like It's Gary Shandling Show, Ellen, and Arrested Development, and with his films, Girls will be Girls and Straight Jacket.

It was in projects like these that Richard discovered a rich vein of comedy runs directly through normal.

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