Dream Bigger (Ep. 174 - The Amazing Race)

This Week's Guest: Scott Flanary

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Do you always NEED to dream big, or is it sometimes ok to just be happy with what you've got? My guest this week has some experience when it comes to achieving big dreams -- Scott Flanary was the winner of Season 29 of The Amazing Race, which had been a goal for pretty much all of his adult life. So now that he's accomplished goals that once seemed impossibly difficult, he's grappling with a tough question: now what?

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This Week's Recommendation: Me Talk Pretty One Day

Thanks again to Scott for joining me. For more queer musings on travel, fresh starts, and finding yourself while you were looking for something else, check out David Sedaris' book "Me Talk Pretty One Day." Sedaris is, of course, required reading, his essays all beautifully crafted meals of humor, anxiety, and thoughtful resignation to the absurd. But this book marked a shift in his writing: it chronicles his time in America and then his re-settlement in France -- where, unable to speak the language, he is robbed of his primary means of navigation. The experience he relates is a bit like being hazed by an entire country, one word at a time, and yet still he soldiers on, a sort of gay Eeyore grasping his way through an alien landscape.  What emerges is a travelogue not as much about being in a new country as it is about living in a new language, a broadening of horizons that is far more expansive within the writer than without.

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