Space Ballerinas (Ep. 175 - Sailor Moon)

This Week's Guest: Ryan La Sala

My guest this week is Ryan La Sala. He's got a very queer fantasy novel coming out next year, and while he's always been imaginative, he didn't always exactly use his powers for good. 

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This Week's Recommendation: Magical Boys

For more about magical girls, magical boys, and magical enbys, check out a podcast co-hosted by a past Sewers of Paris guest, DJ Kirkland. The show is called Magical Boys, and on it DJ and his friends talk about games, movies, comics, art, culture -- basically anything geeky and gay. 

Magical Boys is the funny frank conversation you want to be having all the time with your best friends -- and because the boys all know each other so well, they can be delightfully honest about the insecurities, vanities, and guilty pleasures that we're so often hesitant to confess. 

Recent topics include Overwatch, soft talking, hot boys at the gym, and how come on, it's 2018 everyone, just be horny on your main Twitter account instead of creating a whole separate secret one for sex talk. Magical Boys produces my favorite podcast effect: the feeling that you're getting together with friends to relax, let down your guard, and somehow even though it's an audio recording, feel like you're really being seen.

Stuff We Talked About